The Mind, Body and Spirit of Attracting the Sweetest Love

 The sweetest love you have ever known is waiting for you. You have the innate resources to attract  the relationship you have always wanted, and live the life you love.  Being able to tap into this deliciously sweet resource is the key. How?

The first step is understanding that your mind, body, and Spirit are collectively influenced by the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and how you express yourself in your life, and in the world.

Mind: When you think about how your thoughts influence the quality of relationships you attract, and are attracted to, what comes up for you? What do you say to yourself quietly or out loud about having the love relationship you want to experienced in your life?

If the things you think, or say to yourself about your current situation make you feel any degree of discouragement, stop a moment. Take a deep breath, and know that all is well even if it doesn’t feel like it.  Thoughts are powerful, and truly create an altered state of mind. It is amazing how quickly our emotions can be influenced by what we think, see, or even remember from past experiences. More than that, how we can sometimes have an emotional reaction to something or someone and not know where it came from! You have the power to be more deliberate in what you choose to think about, where you place your attention, and how you want to feel. (More about this in articles to come).

Body: What goes on in your body when you have thoughts that do not support what you want in love, or in life?  Take a moment to listen and feel any sensations you may have when negative emotions come over you.  What do you notice?   Acknowledging the discomfort, as well as where you experience it in your body when your thoughts take you places that make you feel any negative emotion, gives you an awareness of how your emotions are impacting your body. For example, do you get a migraine, heart palpitations, or sweaty hands? Do you feel anxious, restless, or have the need to do something before you implode?

When your mind is consumed with negative thoughts, your body gets infused with the stress hormone Cortisol, which is triggered by the energy of the emotions provoked by the negative thoughts you are thinking. Calming the mind calms the body. Not sure how to do that? You will. (More to come about this in future articles).

Spirit: You are an amazing Spiritual being; the essence of love itself experiencing life through your physical body. This is the truth of who you are.  Having said that, when your thoughts and emotions do not support the love that is You, your mind, body, and Spirit feel it. It is not possible for you to feel any emotion without your physical body, and your Spirit being influenced by it, and this includes matters of the heart.

In summary . . . When your mind, body, and Spirit are are in alignment with the desires of your heart they are like the sound of a sweet symphony.  In this sweet state, attracting the sweetest love you have ever known  becomes more possible that you could ever imagine!

To attracting the sweetest love in 2011!

Wishing you the happiest of Holidays and a New Year that is filled with every dream come!

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Find love at last . . . your time is now!

“Wait a minute! I have been working on finding love most of my adult life and have yet to meet a man that is everything I desire in a sweet love. For years I have felt it is my time.”

Have you ever heard that, felt that, thought that? You are not alone. Millions of women are looking for love, and do indeed find it, or some form of it, however,  find themselves feeling disappointed by the experience they just had when it does not turn out the way they had hoped it would. What went wrong? Was it “his fault?” No. Was it “your fault”?  No again. “Then who’s to blame?” What would you think if I said no one is to blame? “What? How can that be?”

Consider this: A woman is drawn to a man because there is something about the man that ‘speaks’ to her if you will; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  Maybe it’s his physical appearance, his generous and kind spirit, the way he looks at her, or holds her hand at the movies. Maybe she drawn to his financial stability and passion for the outdoors. Maybe there is a heart connection that there are no words for. She just knows that it’s there, for her. After spending some time together, more parts of her personality get revealed, for better or worse, like it or not, as does his.  Is this anyone’s fault? I say not. What is it then?

I say it’s a perfect opportunity to start looking at, and healing the thoughts, and behaviors that come up once a relationship is on its way, or gets halted before it ever had a chance to become something meaningful. A woman cannot change any undesirable behavior in the man she is dating that comes up after she starts dating him.  She can absolutely start identifying and changing the thoughts and behaviors she participates in that get triggered in her once a relationship gets started.

It no one’s fault, and a wonderful opportunity for a woman to get honest with herself about what she wants, why she wants it, and to start looking how she is getting in her own way to manifest it in her life!

 I believe that a woman can absolutely have the sweetest love, no matter what is going on now, or has gone on before. There is however, a walk that must be taken to get to where you want to be to create it, attract it, and allow it into your life. 

During my ‘walk’ to find love, I discovered 5 fundamental keys that I needed to accept before attracting the sweetest love I have ever known was possible for me. Without these fundamentals, working through all the thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors that I participated in that delayed love from being a part of my life,  and  needed to be healed before true love would come, was not an option for me.  I invite you to consider accepting these fundamental keys to attracting your sweetest love, if attracting the sweetest love is what you truly want.

1. You are the love you seek, which means . . .

2. You are an amazing Spiritual being, the essence of love itself, which means . . .

3. You are not the aspects of your personality that make me feel less than worthy of  having it all.

4. The quality of love you attract reflects the quality of relationship you feel is possible for you, regardless of what I may desire.

5. How you feel about the other areas of your life influence the quality of relationship you attract and are attracted to.

If you accept these 5 fundamental keys, get ready to begin the most amazing journeyto attracting the love you have always wanted and is indeed waiting for you!

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Testimonials – how they made me feel I had accomplished what I wanted to share with the world

Part of the process of promoting your book after you have written it, is to reach out to people of significance who are in alignment with your work. For example, I reached out to the CEO of eWomenNetwork, because my target audience is women. I asked the Reverend of my Church because of the spiritual influence of the book in attracting a sweet love. I reached out to the Co-author of The HeartMath® Solution, because I had become licensed as a HeartMath® Provider and was given permission to print one of the HeartMath® excercises in the book as one of the ways to help the reader be still and connect with the spirit that they are.

Here are the testimonials:

 Find Love at Last provides valuable information and a solid, step-by-step process that if followed and applied with meaningfulness will certainly lead to finding more love in your life.

—-Howard Martin, co-author The HeartMath Solution, Executive vice president, HeartMath LLC

 Whether you are in search of the right relationship, hoping the one you have now lasts forever, or struggling with how to make your current situation better, this book is filled with practical, inspirational and empowering information to live a life filled with one of the world’s greatest pleasures ~ love!

—Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

 Lee Ann shares her courage, strength and determination as exampled in her life’s journey to show us how to travel the complexities of our humanity in a simple and effective process.  Her process is a result-producing path that changes lives.  I highly recommend these seven steps to attracting the sweetest love that awaits us all!

—-Rev. Erica Trantham , Senior Minister of the vibrant spiritual community of Unity in Chicago

 The testimonials reflected the message I wanted to convey and continue to be humbled by the feedback I am receiving by people who are reading the book, and feel they are benefiting from it. Not just with finding love; in other areas in their live as well. For example, here is a testimonial from a woman in Michigan;

 Lee Ann, 
Before I read your book, I was in a depressed rut.  Most of the time, inertia took over and I was paralyzed to do anything to help myself.  At first, upon reading your book, I couldn’t sleep.  Not because of any depressed reason, though.  I was literally wound up…I could not stop thinking about the book!  All of a sudden, I was energized!  I finally felt inspired, motivated, and have the courage to fall in love with myself!  I know that it’s a process and will take some time, but it feels great just to begin!  In addition, I have faith that ”the sweetest love I have ever known” is out there.  You are, and will be, an answer to many prayers.  


The weeks ahead will be filled with clips from the book and the steps to attracting the sweetest love you have ever known.

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How I met the love of my life

Have you often wondered, “How do I meet someone I would love to spend the rest of my life?  Where do I go, what do I do, how will I know . . .?

I had all of those questions. It wasn’t until I felt worthy of having the kind of love relationship I desired, and accepted that I was a Spiritual being experiencing life through my physical body, and not the aspects of my personality that made me feel otherwise, could I truly experience a sweet love relationship.

I had been asking God, the Universe, for a sweet love for years. When I was finally a vibrational to the love I was seeking I knew it.  I knew it because I realized that I already was the love I was seeking.  During the time that led up to my finally feeling ready to meet my love for life,  I had been peeling away the layers of self-doubt and misperceptions that kept me from living this truth. I met Patrick in the fall of 2003. I was forty seven years old. I actually stated in my book that I was forty eight. That was an error. I was forty seven.  I had done the emotional and spiritual work to meet my sweet love. I knew it was time. I felt inspired to get busy. I became more focused and deliberate in my journaling.  I regularly practiced meditation, the HeartMath® technique, and visualization. The practice of being inspired me to do things to support the attraction of this man into my life. I knew he was out there somewhere. I didn’t know how we were going to meet, I just felt certain that we would. I was open to and anticipated meeting him everywhere I went. On November 28, 2003 I finally met him.  

Here is my story . . .

At the recommendation of my cousin, I joined an internet dating service. More people were meeting their partners on line so why not? I wanted ot create as many opportunities as possible for me to meet the man I had been journaling about, thinking about, and making a part of my life in my heart.  I also became a member of the Art Institute Evening Associates and the Single Gourmet.  I would go online to see if there were any profiles on men that interested me enough to extend an invitation to meet.

There was one profile. It said he was 45 years old, lived in the city, and wanted to meet someone who had “a cup half full approach” to life. Hmmm. I liked that. The cup half full approach comment. From his picture, I thought he was really good looking, had a nice smile, clear hazel eyes and dark hair. However, you never know how recent photos are, so I did not get too excited with what I saw. Experience had taught me that is was best to just wait and meet the person to avoid potential disappointment.

I decided to write to this person the second week of November. His name was Patrick. I invited him to go to my website. If he liked what he saw I would look forward to hearing from him. If he did not, I wished him well in finding what he was looking for.  I had been studying energy medicine for about 4 years at the time and had a private practice as a licensed counselor and energy medicine practitioner. I felt it was important for Patrick to know this about me before we met. Information about the different types of energy medicine as well as counseling and workshops I offered were on my website along with my resume and picture. I thought, “If he calls me after reading all this, at least I know that he knows what I am about and is willing to learn more. If I do not hear from him after he reads my website, I will know that he is not someone I am meant to meet”.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving in 2003, at about 9:00 p.m., the phone rang. “Hello.” A very nice sounding voice came over the phone. He introduced himself as Patrick, the guy from the online dating service. I was excited about Patrick calling me. The conversation was easy.  He sounded absolutely wonderful. We laughed a bit and shared basic information about ourselves. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Back and forth we went, feeding off each other’s comments.

We decided to meet that Friday at the Green Mill Lounge in Uptown Chicago.

Friday night came. It was November 28th. I didn’t know what to wear. “Jeans are good. Jeans, sweater, boots and my leather Jacket”. Perfect! It was cold that night. We had plans to meet at 7:30 p.m. I remembered hoping that I wouldn’t arrive before he did, that he would resemble the picture I saw online, and that he would be as nice as he sounded on the phone and in his profile. I ran from my car to the front door. He said he would be seated at the bar.  I flung the door open and began scanning the bar for the man in the picture online. There he was! He was reading the paper, he took off his glasses as he turned his attention to the sound of the door. I couldn’t believe how handsome he was.  For a moment, I truly felt like time stood still. He was wearing a faded green knit sweater over a black turtle neck and black jeans.

All I could think was, “Oh my God, this is too good to be true, he is too good to be true. He’s so handsome!” I was distracted by his presence. His eyes were much more engaging and not only clear, they were bright and happy. His hair, it was all I could do to keep myself from running my fingers through it. It was wavy and a bit longer in the back. Beautiful. I couldn’t help but notice his smile. Perfect.  He was having a beer and offered to buy me a drink. We talked about how Thanksgiving was with our families, what we ate, who was there and how we generally feel about family gatherings. I shared with him that I had brought his picture to dinner.

We talked about online dating and what the experience of joining an online dating service had been for us. He shared that his membership had actually expired three weeks before receiving my email.  He stated the online dating service we participated in keeps your membership active so that you can still receive emails. However, in order to respond, you have to rejoin. Patrick continued to receive emails and had not been tempted to renew. When I emailed him, I sent him to my website where he could see my picture and then contact me if he wanted to. As we continued to share information about ourselves, we learned that our birthdays were on the same day of the month, his was July 28 and mine, April 28. We learned that our thoughts and beliefs about relationships, and how we wanted to feel in a relationship with someone were very much in alignment. At one point in our conversation he turned to me and said. “Are you an angel sent by God?”

I did not know how to respond to that and at the same time felt very flattered.  I smiled and took a drink of my wine, thinking, “This man has to be the man I have been waiting for all of my life! How could he not be?” After a moment, I recovered from this incredibly beautiful question and reminded myself that I was in a bar with a man I was meeting for the first time who had absolutely no problem letting me know how he felt about me, but I needed to be cautious. This too good to be true feeling was in fact too good to be true, so I resisted falling head over heals in love on our first date. Not an easy task.

At 9:00 p.m. there was live musician a local bar.  I offered to pay my own way.  Although I could see this was really appreciated, Patrick offered to pay for me. The place was packed. We were still sitting at the bar when the band began to play and had a great view as long as no one stood in front of us.

I could not believe what I saw happening. In spite of people standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the bar, Patrick and I had an unobstructed view from our seats to the stage. It was incredible. The music was great. The evening was wonderful. At one point Patrick turned to me and said, “I hope this doesn’t sound to over the top, but you are giving my heart quite a stir.” I could not believe my ears and at the same time I had been waiting all my life for someone to feel for me what Patrick was feeling for me in that moment. Was this really happening? Did I finally meet the love of my life? Was my search finally over?  Was this man really as handsome on the inside as he was on the outside?  Yes.

Now for a few tips on how to meet your sweet love.  This is what I did and I truly believe it is the only way.

  • Know that you are worthy of having the kind of love relationship you have always wanted, and live your life feeling this truth
  • As you think about each aspect of your life; your relationship with yourself, your relationships in general, your health, and  properity, be aware of the emotions that come up for you. Do you feel good about yourself and how you live your life? If not, give yourself permission to take a look at what may be causing you emotional unease .
  • Once you identify whatever it is, you have the power to change or make whatever it is better, and do it.

More to come!

Stop by next week to learn about how the testimonials I have received  have made me feel that I have accomplished expressing the message I intended in writing my book.

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People who have influenced my journey of the creation, publication, and promotion of my book

Writing a book . . . have you ever thought about i? If you have, did you at times find yourself quickly dismissing the idea because it felt overwhelming, or perhaps not even possible for you?

If you want to write, I invite you to focus on the desire of wanting to do it, and not the fear of whatever it is that is keeping you from moving forward in actualizing your dream.  Have you shared your desire to write a book with anyone? Is there anyone in your life who is your inspiration for wanting to tell your story, or maybe theirs?

Here are a few of the people who influenced my journey of the creation, publication and promotion of this book . . .

My husband, Patrick, would see me start and stop writing projects, change names of the book topic, witness my passion and overwhelm as I would attempt to achieve this goal on my own, only to postpone moving forward because of feeling  “stuck”, frustrated,  and discourage with all of it.  

I had so much written on my computer about how to attract a love for life and at the same time, had no idea on how to approach making my work reader worthy.

Patrick supported my signing up for an Author’s Bootcamp; a program that promised to help me get my book out of my head and onto the paper.  His words . . . “If you do not do this now, you are never going to do it. Pull the trigger honey.” We took money out of our life savings to pay for the program, with my husband expressing confidence, enthusiasm, and faith in me, and my ability to benefit from this program, and finally become an author because of it. Not just any author; a successful one. He understood the importance of the message I wanted to share with women all over the world, and without hesitation he supported me in doing what we felt was necessary to make it happen. With this and every decision after that requiring further expenditure of funds, my husband supported it because he believed in me. In moments when I felt unsure of my ability to produce a product that could potentially enhance the quality of lives, he would raise me up. He still does as I continue to work on ways to make people aware of me and my book.

Ann McIndoo, my author’s coach, made it possible for me to create a product that I now feel so good about sharing with the world. She gave me the tools, patience, and support I needed to complete the process of writing the book. Even though I had much of it written before I started working with her, I basically started over when I signed up for Ann’s class.   She provided structure, and taught me how to infuse the process with a song in my heart, making it fun and exciting. Whenever I had questions, felt doubt, or overwhelm about getting to the other side of what I started, Ann would give me a fresh perspective, encouragement, and share her personal enthusiasm for what I was creating as I worked with her. She was and still is an amazing coach and mentor to me.  If you need someone to help you with the process of writing the book, consider contacting Ann at:

Another person who had an amazing influence was Jan King, a publishing coach. I met her through eWomen Network, a wonderful organization for business women.  I signed up to work with Jan after she reviewed the book cover I created as part of my author’s boot camp package. She said the book cover looks self-published.  She explained the importance of having a professionally done book cover and interior, if I wanted the book to have a chance at being successful.

In my heart I knew she was right. The process of writing and publishing this book had taken on a life of its own. I knew I needed to get in out into the world and felt I was being guided to work with the experts I needed to help me, so I listened.

She recommended Tool box Creative, an amazing graphic design company, to assist me with the book cover and interior design. I signed up to work with Jan after this recommendation, and was amazed at the knowledge, guidance and support she gave me in the preparation for publishing the book. She gave me numerous articles and was available to answer questions I had as I moved through her process. Jan helps people who want to write a book from beginning to end. My manuscript was completed when I met Jan, and she was still able to help me in ways that I know has made an incredible difference in my journey to become a published author. If you have questions about the process of writing and publishing, she is another amazing resource. I would encourage you to contact Jan at

My webmaster, James Negley, is another amazing person who has influenced my book writing journey. Promoting my book meant having a professional website that was easy to navigate and had all the essentials.  Jim created all of that.  If you are looking for a webmaster, consider contacting Jim Negley at 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Lee Ann Hawkins

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The Publication Process: 5 tips on how to prepare for publishing your book

Are you thinking about writing a book and have no idea where to begin? Do you have a message or story to tell that you feel would in some way enhance the quality of lives and are not sure how to go about “getting it out there”? Is there anything else that may be causing “hesitation” in putting pen in hand or your fingers on the keyboard?

The tips below are more about how to write your book than about the publishing process. However, writing your book is part of the process of preparing for publishing it, so let’s go with that!

If you are feeling any hesitation, get to the bottom of it. Embrace whatever it is and use it as your emotional fuel to move you forward.  Here are 5 tips to help you with that. The first 3 are in response to the hesitations I wrote about on 11/16.

Tip 1

An emotional connection with your reader is what makes them turn the next page. Tranparency is necessary for that to happen. The question is . . . how much is enough?

  • Your reader will want to know your story, and how you were able to make whatever it was better for yourself, or your life. This calls for a bit of transparency.
  • I personally needed to get pass being concerned about people judging me, not accepting me, or my story, and get comfortable with who I was and what I wanted to share.
  •  I made a conscious decision to shift my attention from, “What will they think about me?” to, “How can the message that I have in my heart serve others, help others, uplift others?”  Once I got around “What if they (people reading my work) don’t like it, or me” I found myself being able to write more easily from an energy that was flowing from my heart and not my head.  
  • The amount of self-disclosure I felt was necessary to engage the heart energy of my reader was something I no longer needed to guess. 
  • I innately knew how much or how deep to go to help the reader experience the journey I was inviting them to take with me as they read my story,  and the process to help them get to the other side of whatever it was that inspired them to pick up my book.

Tip 2

If you are not sure where or how to begin, it is helpful to . . .

  • Begin with identifying a topic that you are passionate about.
  • Write down the words that describe your book.
  • List how the reader will benefit from your book.
  • Identify your chapters, however many you may have, and then pick a chapter to start writing on.  You do not have to start with the first chapter. There are no rules. Allow yourself to be inspired to write about whatever aspect of your book that moves you at the time.

I signed up for an Author’s Bootcamp to help me organize my work.  I failed miserably the first time I attempted to self-publish, and wanted to surround myself with experts for this second attempt.  I knew this wasn’t going to be a book to sit on the shelf in my office. The message felt too big. With that in mind, I worked with people who supported me in creating a book I now feel good about sharing with the world.

Tip 3

If you are feeling that the process of writing a book is cost prohibitive . . .  it will be. 

  • We create what we believe is true, like it or not.
  • Here is my heartfelt suggestion to you: if you want to write, start writing. It doesn’t cost you one penny to express your thoughts on paper. 
  • If you need guidance on how to begin, there are some wonderful books to help you with the process. For example, Writing Nonfiction~ Turning Thoughts into Books, by Dan Poynter, and The Self-Publishing Manual~ How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book, also by Dan Poynter.  If you are interested in writing a non-fiction book,  Immediate Fiction~ A complete writing course, by Jerry Cleaver is a great book to help get you started.
  • Do not forget about how your faith in what you believe is possible for you influences the manifestation of your dream to be an author, or anything you desire for that matter!
  • Keep your thoughts focused on what you want, and not on what you are afraid you cannot have, or do, because of your current reality.
  • It is amazing how Providence moves in once we have faith and believe in our ability to live our dreams!

Tip 4

If you are concerned about being judged by your work, consider this . . .

Know that if you have a desire to write there are people in the world who are waiting to hear what you have to say. As I started writing I had to let go of worrying about what people might think about me, and focus on the necessity of connecting emotionally with my reader if I wanted to make a difference in their lives.  When I realized that this book was much bigger than me and that there was a message I felt I needed to share, it became easier to be a bit more transparent. 

  • Identify your dreams for your book, then focus on them with lots of enthusiasm, joy and expectancy as you practice living your life as if you already were, say,  an international bestselling author!
  • Accept that there will be people that do not resonate with your work, and that there are many who will.
  • If keep your focus on attracting the ones that do, you will not cross paths with the ones that don’t!

Tip 5

Make an appointment to write everyday and stick to it.  

  • Action infused with heartfelt commitment, perseverance, dedication, and passion about your topic are the intangible tools necessary to successfully publish a book.  If you do not make an appointment with yourself to write, your book will not get written.
  • Prepare for your writing session.  I would primarily envision myself having a productive, fun, lose track of time, writing sessions.
  • Decide on how many minutes a day you are able to commit to writing, and do it. You may find it more productive to make an appointment, say, for 15-30mintes a day, and put your pen down or push yourself away from the key board when your time is up, leaving you with a sense of not being able to wait to get back to writing again the next day. Or you may, like me, write until you are done.  Do whatever works best for you.

To your writing success!

Stop by next Tuesday to learn about a few of the people who influenced me along my journey of the creation, publication, and promotion of my book.

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The hesitation . . . to write or not to write

The very first book I self-published was in 1995, called, Psychiatric Home Care and Care Paths: Step by Step ~ A comprehensive approach to developing a psychiatric home care program”.  To give a bit of history . . . In 1991, after having some experience in home health and working on an inpatient behavioral health unit, I decided to write a proposal for the development and implementation of a psychiatric home care program. 

I presented the proposal to a home care agency in 1990, with the desire to develop such a program for behavioral health patients that were being discharged from the hospital either because they had exhausted their inpatient insurance coverage, or were discharged because they were stable enough to go home, however not stable enough to independently get to their outpatient appointments. 

The home care agency was not ready for such a program. Still feeling a need to expand my career and credentials, I decided to apply for, and was accepted into graduate school for a Masters in psychiatric nursing.  Weeks before classes were to begin, I received a phone call from the Director of the home health care agency I had presented my proposal to. The agency was ready to develop a psychiatric home care program and wanted me to do it.  I explained that I had just been accepted into a Master’s program and would not be able to do both.  The Director created a very flexible schedule for me, and so, I accepted her offer. In September of 1990, I began working two 12 hour shifts on the weekends as an RN, went to school full-time, and developed a successful psychiatric home care program. As soon as I graduated from graduate school I resigned from my nursing position and worked full-time as the Coordinator for the program I had developed. During this time, I felt inspired to write a book about psychiatric home care; how to develop, implement and manage one. I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I just started writing.  I worked with an editor, type setter and printer.  I self-published the manual in 1995, and sold a total of 12 copies over 2 years.  I did all the promotion of this manual by mailing letters and making cold calls to home care agencies throughout the US.

I did not see myself publishing another book in the future. The first experience I had was exhausting and costly. However, with the encouragement I received from other women to write a book on how to find the love of your life, I began to feel inspired to go through the process once again. Knowing what I had gone though the first time, I knew I needed a different approach, and still my hesitations were many:

  • I wasn’t sure how much of my story to share without turning a book about how to attract love, into an autobiography. I knew it was important to have some degree of self-disclosure and as the same time, I wasn’t sure how much.
  • I wasn’t sure how to begin. The notes I had on my computer were scattered, without flow or continuity.  I would write in spurts, cut and paste, get discouraged or overwhelmed, delete, move sentences around, change
  • What if what I am feeling so passionate about writing is not received well by my audience?  I was concerned about my work being accepted.

If you have thought about writing a book and have hesitated because of the above reasons, or for reasons I have not listed here, stop by next month and read the next blog on November 19, “The Publication Process: 5 tips on how to prepare for publishing your book”. I will discuss how I worked through the above 3 hesitations, which will be the first 3 of your 5 tips for preparing to publish a book!

Have a great week!

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How I decided to put my experience into writing a book

“You should write a book! So many women would benefit from your story of how you attracted the love of your life.” I heard this time and again as I would meet women who were still looking for a meaning love relationship.  “Of course you can have the love relationship you have always wanted! Your time is now! It’s not too late. He is absolutely out there waiting for you!” I would feel so excited for the person as I spoke these affirmations for them; sharing my enthusiasm for what they wanted in their life and knowing in my heart that it was possible. For a moment, I could see in their eyes that they believed it too. That’s all it takes; believing that what you want is possible and living your life as if it’s so. Makes sense in theory, however when you try in on for size in your life, it can be quite uncomfortable. It was for me.

Why? Because before you can live your life “as if” and feel the deliciousness of the passionately infused heartfelt emotions that flood your soul because of it, you must believe you are worthy of having what you desire.  This is where many dreams end before they have a chance to become the full physical or experiential expression of one’s thoughts, desires, or dreams.  

As women, we sometimes give up too soon on ourselves, especially if there is any part of our being that is not “on board” with the idea of being happy, healthy, prosperous and /or having the most incredible love ever imaged.  I wanted to help women move through these moments of discouragement, giving up, or feeling whatever they wanted wasn’t an option for them.

To do that meant talking about a truth that up until now has been a bit uncomfortable for me to say out loud, and at the same time, is my foundation to helping people believe that transforming any aspect of their life is achievable.  This “truth” is that we already are the love we seek.  What does that mean? It means that you and me are spiritual beings; the essence of love. That is the truth of every human being. Once we accept this truth, we are better able to address the aspects or our personality and/or behaviors that do not support the goodness we want in our life, from a place of self-compassion instead of self-judgment.  What are those aspects of one’s personality that I am alluding to? Anything that you do, say, or think about yourself or another that makes you feel uncomfortable. Once you address whatever it is that hurts your ability to live a joyfully fulfilled life, healing happens and you move more closely to experiencing the truth of who you are. As you release what is no longer useful to you, and perhaps even harmful, you begin to see evidence of the love and abundance you desire manifesting in your life in tandem with your belief that it is possible for you, and that you are worthy of having it.

This was the secret, the differentiator that women needed to know if they wanted to attract not just any love, but the sweetest love they have ever known.

Anyway, after these brief conversations, usually with women I had not met before, the person would feel optimistic and hopeful about something she previously felt afraid would not happen, or wasn’t possible for her. I would feel good about being able to give someone hope about actualizing their dream.  My passion about wanting to reach more than one woman at a time inspired me to write a book.

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Book Launch Day

I cannot believe this day has finally arrived! Getting it written, self-published, and ready to greet the world has been an amazing journey, and in many ways only the beginning.  The next chapter of this incredible adventure is to reach out to women all over the world who are looking for love, or want to make some aspect of their life better; to let them know that they absolutely can.

I also know that it takes a team to make dreams come true, and so I have stepped out of my comfort zone and into the world of social networking.  I have recently joined facebook, twitter, and started blogging; learning as I go.  The discomfort I feel about facebooking, tweeting, and blogging has actually become irrelevant.  Irrelevant because the book, and the message that I want to share much so bigger than me.  In fact it is not about me at all.  It feels like a calling, or as if I have a spiritual responsibility to share with women what I know in my heart is a sure answer to finding a sweet love, and creating a more than better life.  The sure answer is: to become the love you seek.

I have also joined amazing women networking organizations like,, and to help me get the word out. 

Please join me in celebrating the launch of this book by stopping by  or  today, and purchasing a gift of love for yourself or a friend!  Tell your friends, and maybe even ask your friends to tell their friends!  Your support in helping me spread the news about this book would be so much appreciated! I look forward to meeting you at future events and signing your book!

Here are the topics I will be writing about on my blog in this month:

Friday, Nov. 12:  How I decided to put my experience into writing a book
Tuesday, Nov. 16:  The hesitations I had about writing a book
Friday, Nov. 19: The publication process – 5 tips on how to prepare for publishing your book.
Tuesday, Nov. 23: People who have influenced me along my journey of the creation, publication, and promotion of my book.
Friday, Nov. 26: The story of how  I met the love of my life Tuesday, Nov 30: Testimonials – how they made me feel I had accomplished what I wanted to share with the world

Please stop by!

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The challenge and opportunity

I started writing a book about how to find a love that lasts several years ago, and as much as I wanted to publish a book and share my story with the world, I was at a loss for where to begin. In the meantime I kept writing.

In July of 2009,  I  attended a review for an energy medicine class with a teacher I had studied with for several years. We spoke about my desire to get my book out into the world. He took a look at a very rough draft of my manuscript and said that the manuscript was fine, however I needed to market my work. He mentioned Steve Harrison. I had never heard of this person before and made a note to look him up when I returned home.  Before getting on the internet, I checked my emails. The very first email I opened was a message forwarded to me from a friend.  It said, ”Free Teleconference with Steve Harrison”.  Who is Steve Harrison?  He’s a publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) and helps many authors and others promote their books, products and services.  As it turned out, Steve was interviewing Ann McIndoo, an Author’s Coach! I knew at that moment I needed to go forward with getting this book out into the world. I was so excited about all that Ann was offering to help authors get their book out of their head and onto the paper, that I immediately spoke with my husband about signing up for this program. It was a significant financial investment for us, and still, my husband said, “Honey if you do not do this now, you will never do it. Pull the trigger!” So I did. Now one year later I have a self-published book. 

The challenge was deciding to make the committment and invest in my dream. The opportunity for me was to trust that everything I would need to get my message out into the world would unfold in perfect time; that Providence would surely move in. I do, and it is.

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